Treat Night

Plate Of Chocolate Chip Cookies Resting On A Red And White Chekered Table Cloth By A Glass Of Milk Clipart Illustration

For several years now, we have something every week in our family that we call “Treat Night”.

Treat Night is simply 1 night out of the week that we set aside to do something together as a family and we always have a special treat to eat…just very laid- back.

Our family loves old, classic movies and the old TV shows. So, currently on Treat Night- which is Tuesday evenings for us- we are working our way through the Gunsmoke series’. (we love westerns!) But if you did not want to involve watching something- you could play games or have a Story time together- or whatever would be special to do together.

This also gives me an opportunity each week to bake up a yummy treat for us to enjoy.  Usually it’s some type of cookie or bar- nothing elaborate since I usually prepare them after dinner and don’t have  a lot of spare time at that point.

All of us look forward to treat night! The kids are always super-excited when they realize it’s Tuesday (aka “Treat Night”).

I know this is not some brilliant idea that no one has ever though of before, but I love simple family traditions. Little times like these make memories and make home a little more special. Actually sometimes my 6 year old will say on Saturday…”Only 3 days ’till treat night!” This always makes me chuckle, because you would think it was some big occasion coming up. But, I think it IS a special occasion to them…and I love that!

Happy Treats,





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