CHALLENGE: What’s in Your Cart?



I have a Challenge for you! (details below) But first…some background…

As I have mentioned before, my family and I have been making many changes to the foods that we do (or do not) eat. We are working toward eating less and less packaged and processed foods and more and more fresh food. homegrown food, and homemade food.

Now, I do think a person can become overly-consumed with this concept- that is not my goal. And I know that I probably will not ever completely replace ALL our food consumption with only whole-foods. However, I want to do what I can.

I have had to ask myself “Am I really eating “healthy’ “? I always thought I prepared pretty healthy food for my family…that is until I started really looking at the ingredients in the foods I used. I have been very surprised. Now, I find myself more and more disgusted by all the non-food and JUNK that is in almost everything we eat!

Next time you go to the grocery store- look at the things that are in other’s carts. See how much of it is a packaged convenience food. I bet you’ll be surprised. Look in your OWN cart. I’ll bet you’ll be surprised. I know I was when I looked in mine!

It really is amazing and it really is sad, too. No WONDER people are sick all the time! No WONDER there are more and more people developing allergies that you used to only hear about occasionally. We are eating things that were never meant to be eaten!

What about you? What do you consider healthy?

We have all been conditioned to think if something is low-fat or low in sugar, it is healthy. If it is low in Weight Watchers points, it must be ok. We opt for fake sweeteners, bleached flour, MSG-flavored, etc etc for the sake of it being low-fat or “healthier’.

But, do you think it really is healthier?

I think it is time to re-think our food. Re-think what is healthy. Everyone will fall somewhere else on this spectrum. But, I think it is important to at least become aware of what is in the foods you eat. That is the first step. What you do with that knowledge is totally up to you.

So- here is the CHALLENGE:

take 1 grocery trip to glance at the ingredients of the foods that you are putting in your cart. ( I have been doing this and have been AMAZED at how many foods I have been buying and eating that I though were “OK”, but that are actually filled with junk. Here I thought I was making wise choices…until I stopped to look.)



2. Come back to this post and comment on what you found

a. Were you surprised at the things you were buying?

b. Was there anything in particular that really surprised you?

3. Will you make some changes based on what you found, or do you think it doesn’t bother you and you will probably continue buying the same foods.

I look forward to hearing your feedback!


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