Fresh Eggs!


Here is 2 Day’s worth of Eggs from our chickens. I thought they looked so pretty all lined up- so I had to snap a picture and share it.

My husband and I have been raising chickens, together, for almost 9 years now. When we began I had never even touched a chicken, and was  not sure I wanted to eat the eggs. “City Girl” Tim would say. ( much to my chagrin!) Yeah- I was pretty dumb.

But that was then. Now, I really do love raising our chickens. (and I can catch a chicken with the best of them!)  Our fresh eggs are delicious! To break open a fresh egg and see the dark yellow or orange yolk is such a pleasure!

Right now we have a little over 30 laying hens, and we usually get (approximately) 20 eggs a day….sometimes as many as 24.

We have 24 more pullets (which are young female chickens that have not begun to lay eggs yet) in our field pens. They should begin to lay by the end of summer.

Soon, I’ll share with you the different breeds we raise, and what we have found we like about each one.



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2 thoughts on “Fresh Eggs!

  1. Heather@ourcultivatedlife May 18, 2013 at 10:46 pm Reply

    Thanks for sharing about your beautiful eggs:) I so wish we had some chickens of our own. Can’t wait to hear about the breeds you raise. ~Heather

    • makeithomemade May 20, 2013 at 11:13 pm Reply

      Thanks, Heather!
      It’s been fun learning about chickens and I’ve especially enjoyed that Tim and I have been able to learn about raising them together. Maybe one day you can get some hens!! 🙂

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