Out in the Garden

P1040212I love to garden. I love the feeling of seeing tiny seeds begin to pop up from the ground. I love to see the flowering buds that promise coming fruit. I love to pick a juicy red tomato from the vine or a perfect yellow squash. It’s such a rewarding feeling, and of course, the best homemade food you prepare will come from fresh produce! It always tastes even better knowing it came from your very own garden, free of pesticides or chemicals.

I also enjoy working in the garden with my husband. It has become something that we enjoy doing together. Pulling weeds is much less of a task when someone you love is doing it with you! We enjoy walking out to the garden together in the evening or first thing in the morning to check the progress of everything, water the plants, and pick ripe veggies or fruit.  This year the kids have even enjoyed helping me weed. (in small doses, of course!) And they’ve also helped to plant some of the seeds, which has resulted in great excitement when one begins to emerge from the ground!

Of course, I know not all aspects of gardening are whimsical and care-free. There’s pesky squash bugs, potato bugs, wire grass, and leaf hoppers! But, the other evening when I was out in the garden, pulling those weeds and surveying the plants, even spotting some cabbage worms (unfortunately) the sun was shining so bright and everything just looked so beautiful and green. Tim and I were working on planting some blackberries and blueberries, the kids were playing in the yard- and it was just one of those beautiful simple evenings that I wanted to soak in and capture in my memory. So, I brought out my camera and snapped some shots of the beauty of the garden- marveling in the thought that a mighty God who is all-consuming and all-knowing and all-powerful, is the creator of tender shoots and delicate buds- kind in His gift of them to us.

So- I thought I would share some of those snapshots of our garden, taken on a beautiful evening.


Squash and Zucchini






Cabbage and Onions


Raspberries (Can’t wait for these!!)

P1040198Cucumbers ( we are trying them in a slightly shadier spot this year to see if they last a little longer. Our Cucumbers don’t usually last very long because the heat gets to them)


Tomato Blossoms


Just some of the tomatoes


Potato Patch

(we’ve been letting the chickens in to help with the potato bugs, which have been abundant this year!!)




The tilled up spot at the bottom of this picture is an addition to our garden this year. It holds bush beans, sweet potatoes, and butternut squash.


Here’s our little helper. He loves to work outdoors. Here is bringing the berry plants back to be planted.

P1040221Helping Daddy


I loved this picture of Daddy's hands and James' hands- working together

I loved this picture of Daddy’s hands and James’ hands- working together


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