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Irresistible Pumpkin Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

P1050135It’s fall! Time for colored leaves, crisp air, blue skies, and a lot of pumpkin and apple recipes! I know I’m not alone. Pumpkin desserts are a favorite this time of year, from the traditional pumpkin pie to all sorts of delectable goodies.

Among my “must-make” fall recipes each year is this cake. As usual, I like it simple: just a plain Pumpkin cake topped with cream cheese frosting. However, this fall favorite of mine is far from boring because the cake is so wonderfully moist and dense, and the icing is extra thick and creamy. You just don’t need any frills to make it special!

One special feature I love about this cake, is that it is stored in the refrigerator, due to the cream cheese frosting. And I think this is what really makes the cake so delicious. There’s just something about those perfect slices of pumpkin and cream cheese, right from the refrigerator- cool and creamy.

I’ll admit something.. I ate the leftovers of this cake for my lunch… more than once this week. Not dessert after lunch, but lunch itself. Healthy, huh? But, I couldn’t resist! ( I did also feel appropriately guilty about my indulgence after the deed was done!) But it was so good!

You’ll be coming back for more, too- I promise.

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Spicy Chipotle Steaks

P1050111Here’s a great Do-It-Yourself spice rub that is perfect for steaks with a little kick!

Chipotle is a fairly popular flavor these days, often seen in Mexican dishes. Many recipes with Chipotle will call for you to use a little can of chipotle peppers that are packed in a sauce. Though I do like the unique smoky flavor these peppers contribute, I almost always find it to be too overpowering in dishes for my taste, perhaps because the flavors are so concentrated in the canned peppers.

Then I decided to try Ground Chipotle Pepper- found in your spices at the grocery store. Basically, it’s the same product in different form. It’s just dried chipotle peppers, ground up! I have enjoyed this much more- still achieving the smoky flavor, but now not so overpowering.

So, this steak rub lends a hint of that great smoky chipotle to your beef with a nice spicy kick, too!

I think some my kids thought the steaks were a little bit too spicy. (though they did eat them, I will note!) But Tim and I loved the flavor and the spiciness level, too!

Here’s what you need:


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