4 Excellent Resources for More Real Foods & Learning Forgotten Skills

PicMonkey CollageFor Christmas this past year, I asked for several books and cookbooks- and between my husband and extended family, I think I received each one I asked for.

All of these books relate to either real foods, or forgotten skills and know-how from time’s past. I absolutely eat this stuff up!

So- for those who might be similarly-minded, I thought I’d share with you the books that have been in my hands recently. I’m learning a lot!

I have been enjoying jotting down ideas and quotes and learning all sorts of interesting facts and increasing my knowledge. Though, I must say that the more I learn, the more I realize how little I know!


Preserving Food without Freezing or Canning


I was delighted with this informative book about alternative, traditional ways to preserve our foods.I found many ideas and possibilities that I just might try out this summer when my garden is full! “Recipes” for preserving food that have been used in everyday cooks’ kitchens for years and years are shared…

—celebrating traditional but little-known French techniques for storing and preserving edibles in ways that maximize flavor and nutrition.

Preserving Food Without Freezing or Canning offers more than 250 easy and enjoyable recipes featuring locally grown and minimally refined ingredients. It is an essential guide for those who seek healthy food for a healthy world


I’m sure I’ll be referring back to this one often!

The Homemade Pantry: 101 Foods You Can Stop Buying and Start Making

by Alana Chernila

homemade pantry

Well, this cookbook might be my favorite of all that I am sharing today. It is just done so well. The pictures and layout are colorful, the details and instructions in the recipes are easy to follow and well-thought through. Not to mention, if you are wanting to say “bye-bye” to all the packaged and processed and chemicals and fake “food” we buy at the grocery store- this is a great, great book that will give you the courage to jump in to a more homemade kitchen.

From dairy products like homemade buttermilk, butter and cream cheese to snacks for kids, to condiments like mustard and ketchup- she has included all the basics. The author also has included little snippets about her family, her journey with food, and other interesting little stories that just make this a great little cookbook.  I also really like her style- she’s not pushy, doesn’t come across as a know-it-all or as someone who is trying to be cute-sy. I found her style to be simple, gentle, confident and knowledgeable.

I love this cookbook.

Forgotten Skills of Cooking

by Darina Allen

forgotten skills of cookign

If you order this book, when it arrives, my guess is you will first of all be pleasantly surprised at the nice quality of the book itself. It is large, heavy, and beautiful. Open it up and you will be just as pleased with the many beautiful pictures. The author, Darina Allen, teaches classes on Forgotten Skills of Cooking. It has been such a popular subject- she wrote this cookbook. The recipes included are both simple and basic; gourmet and unusual.

The delicious recipes show you how to use your homemade bounty to its best, and include ideas for using forgotten cuts of meat, baking bread and cakes, and even eating food from the wild. (source)

She also gives good information about cuts of meat, proper techniques, proper handling, and many, many recipes, and of course…skills and foods that have been forgotten in modern kitchens.

I have looked through this several times, and still have a lot I could go back and read again.

You will enjoy this cookbook.

Lard: the Lost Art of Cooking with Your Grandmother’s Favorite Ingredient


Yep- this cookbook is all about Lard. If you can’t imagine cooking and baking with lard think again! Lard can transform your baked goods and fried foods into something extra special. Go ahead and throw that Crisco out the window- Real Lard is also a REAL FOOD, and has many healthy benefits.

Though I have only skimmed through this cookbook so far- this would be a great cookbook for you if you are new to using Lard.

Check it out!

(I do not receive any type of compensation for recommending these books)


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