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12 Practical Tips for Transitioning to Real Foods

Real Food -SaveThe journey into Real Foods and a more Natural way of life will begin in different ways for different people, and will manifest in different ways, too.

For some, the interest in this journey might come from an article online that talks about the benefits of bone broth or lard. For others, it might be health problems that make them start considering a change to the diet. Maybe it will begin with you when you are on a field trip with your child at a local farm. Maybe a few backyard chickens will be the catalyst that lights your passion for getting back to the truth about food. Or maybe the light will simply come on when you read the ingredient list on the box of your favorite cereal, cookies, or boxed mix, and you realize that your body just was never meant to ingest these things!

I think for me, it was a really slow progression that was influenced by little things and bits of information at a time that finally clicked. The beginning of my journey was mostly about replacing the packaged and processed foods we ate- from snacks to dinner ingredients- with truly homemade, made from scratch alternatives. Somewhere in there I began to seek out more grass-fed meats, better milk options, healthier fats. Then, along the way, I began replacing my non-stick pots and pans with cast iron, stainless steel and stoneware. Natural Remedies fascinate me…and the journey continues!

And though the journey continues, I can say my pantry, refrigerator and cabinets looks totally different than they did 5 years ago, and I absolutely believe we are the better for it. The further I get from the packaged and processed, the less I want it.

But, I’ll be honest. Though this journey is extremely rewarding and exciting, it can also be VERY overwhelming and even discouraging sometimes. There is SO much to learn, so many changes to make, and sometimes the options are very few. I might not know where to find grass-fed beef, or I can’t afford dairy herd shares to give me access to raw milk. Sometimes I find it overwhelming that just when I think I am doing something right, I find out I was really mis-informed.

But, don’t throw in the towel!

Here are a few extremely simple and practical tips that have helped me (and still do!) as my family has transitioned into more Real Foods.

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Pickin’ Blueberries


Blueberry Season!

Today we took a little trip to a local orchard that has blueberries that have just ripened- and many more on the way. It was so fun.

What a great way to welcome the first day of summer. 

Now my mind is filling with all sorts of delicious goodies I want to make with the berries- not to mention the ones that will be eaten on top of yogurt or cereal, or all alone!



P1040369I think blueberries are so pretty- so dainty, pure, and blue!


I’m not sure many of the berries this “helper” picked made it to the bucket!

Anyone read Blueberries for Sal? 🙂 If not, you should. It’s a cute little story about going blueberry picking. My little guy here and the child in that story both had a hard time resisting those sun-warmed berries!

Such sweet times with my kids. These simple days make the best memories.

Happy Summer!

Out in the Garden

P1040212I love to garden. I love the feeling of seeing tiny seeds begin to pop up from the ground. I love to see the flowering buds that promise coming fruit. I love to pick a juicy red tomato from the vine or a perfect yellow squash. It’s such a rewarding feeling, and of course, the best homemade food you prepare will come from fresh produce! It always tastes even better knowing it came from your very own garden, free of pesticides or chemicals.

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Strawberry Season + GIVEAWAY! (giveaway now closed)


GIVEAWAY HAS ENDED- and the winner is LAURIE! Congrats!! (winner was chosen using

Strawberry season is coming close to an end. So far we’ve made 2 trips to the strawberry patch that is, conveniently, less than 10 minutes from our home. The kids were such great pickers this year- I was impressed! With almost every strawberry you could hear one of them cry “Mom, look at THIS one!!” or “WOW!- this one is SO perfect!!” I think they really were enjoying the adventure of finding the “perfect one”. I always look forward to picking berries together- such a simple activity, but always rewarding and always a nice memory to tuck away.

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Treat Night

Plate Of Chocolate Chip Cookies Resting On A Red And White Chekered Table Cloth By A Glass Of Milk Clipart Illustration

For several years now, we have something every week in our family that we call “Treat Night”.

Treat Night is simply 1 night out of the week that we set aside to do something together as a family and we always have a special treat to eat…just very laid- back.

Our family loves old, classic movies and the old TV shows. So, currently on Treat Night- which is Tuesday evenings for us- we are working our way through the Gunsmoke series’. (we love westerns!) But if you did not want to involve watching something- you could play games or have a Story time together- or whatever would be special to do together.

This also gives me an opportunity each week to bake up a yummy treat for us to enjoy.  Usually it’s some type of cookie or bar- nothing elaborate since I usually prepare them after dinner and don’t have  a lot of spare time at that point.

All of us look forward to treat night! The kids are always super-excited when they realize it’s Tuesday (aka “Treat Night”).

I know this is not some brilliant idea that no one has ever though of before, but I love simple family traditions. Little times like these make memories and make home a little more special. Actually sometimes my 6 year old will say on Saturday…”Only 3 days ’till treat night!” This always makes me chuckle, because you would think it was some big occasion coming up. But, I think it IS a special occasion to them…and I love that!

Happy Treats,



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