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1 Hour Honey-Wheat Yeast Rolls (No-Knead)

P1040638Sometimes, a day just isn’t conducive to making bread- you just might not have the time put into the process of making the dough and allowing 2 rises.

But, you can still have fresh yeast rolls for dinner!

This is a great roll recipe that I love to use because it is so quick- just one hour, plus baking time, to beautiful soft dinner rolls- and delicious, too!

They are just lightly sweet from honey, and use half white and half wheat flour, yet still deliver a light roll- not dense. And to make things even better, there is no kneading the dough!

If you are new to working with yeast, this would be a great recipe to get you started.

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Garlic, Chive, and Cheddar Biscuits


Earlier this week, I made these biscuits. And- Wow- they were yummy. In the words of my daughter (age 8)…”Those biscuits were AWESOME!”. 

We ate every crumb! I used to make a similar recipe to these in the past, but it used a packaged biscuit mix, parsley, and more butter. So, I played with it a bit- and this homemade version was created!

A simple drop biscuit is the foundation. Now, first of all- if you don’t know the difference of a drop biscuit and a traditional biscuit, here it is: most biscuits are slightly kneaded, rolled and cut out. But Drop biscuits are mixed together, and then simply “dropped” by the spoonful on the baking sheet. (funny story: when I was little, my mom made drop biscuits for dinner….when she took them out of the oven, the pan slipped out of her hand and to the floor! We still chuckle that she “dropped” the “drop” biscuits!)

But more than a difference in preparation- Drop Biscuits also bake into a biscuit with a wonderfully crispy top and bottom, while remaining soft and tender inside.

So- add to the wonderful taste and texture of the Drop Biscuit, the flavors of garlic, chives, and cheddar cheese! Then on top, you brush on melted garlic butter. This creates a savory and flavorful biscuit that will knock your socks off! I bet your family will eat every crumb, too!

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