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Fresh Homemade Pizza Sauce (short-hand notes)

P1040298Looking for an alternative to bottled or canned pizza sauce? Want a pizza sauce that is fresh but doesn’t take forever to make? Well, I did too.

Here is how I’ve been making it recently- in short-hand style- meaning, I did not use specific measurements- it will require you tasting as you go. But, you can also play with it to make it more customized to your own tastes. This will serve as a good springboard for you to make your own perfect pizza sauce- totally fresh!

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Herbs and Spice Chicken Tenders (quick and easy)


A few spices that you probably already have in your cabinets and fresh herbs are the stars on these chicken tenders. They’re fast and easy, but still bring plenty of flavor to the table. On those nights when dinner just needs to come together quickly, this is a great solution!

My whole family really enjoyed the chicken tenders prepared this way. I think there was a total of one-half left over ­čÖé


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