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Chickens- Some Breeds we Enjoy

P1040189We love raising chickens. It’s something we have done almost the whole time we’ve been married- so, about 10 years. Tim has raised chickens most of his life.

We also love that our kids won’t remember a time that chickens weren’t part of the backyard. As I’ve said before, I was afraid to touch or pick up a chicken for a long time. But my kids won’t have that problem. Chickens have just been a part of their lives.

And, of course, we really love the fresh eggs. I never knew how pale the yolks of store-bought eggs were, until I ate our fresh eggs for a while, and then used a store-bought egg. The difference was startling! I love that if we are out of eggs in the kitchen, I can run out to the chicken house and grab the eggs I need to finish the recipe.

Over time, we have come to really enjoy a few specific breeds. So, i thought I’d just share those that are in our flock right now and why we like them.

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Fresh Eggs!


Here is 2 Day’s worth of Eggs from our chickens. I thought they looked so pretty all lined up- so I had to snap a picture and share it.

My husband and I have been raising chickens, together, for almost 9 years now. When we began I had never even touched a chicken, and was  not sure I wanted to eat the eggs. “City Girl” Tim would say. ( much to my chagrin!) Yeah- I was pretty dumb.

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